it's been a busy summer so far...not much swatching going on. but, website Madder's should be rolling sometime soon, so that's exciting. more soon...do i keep saying that?


done! after a full day of agonizing...i sent issue one to the printers. hurray.
now, for the website...i think just a couple weeks on that.
above is a photo that didn't make it into the magazine. i have so many outtakes - the issue could easily have grown twice in length. but, i had to edit like mad to keep it manageable.
can't wait to show you more.


last week i went to see a Lowell Spinners game with my new co-workers at CEY and the Ravelry folks, Casey & Jess. unfortunately, the home team lost but, I drank some beer and ate myself a hotdog. good times in the blistering heat of the summer!

also above is one of my inspiration boards...the pinned swatch is a new yarn by Classic Elite called Moorland that i used double stranded. gorgeous.

and, it's official. i've finally finished the premiere issue of Swatch Diaries' layout with the exception of the front and back cover. so, i'll be sending it to the printers on monday...it won't be long!


this is a left over ball of bamboo on a swatch of printed fabric i made recently. instead of burning the screen using the acetate, i decided to using fill fluid and draw directly on the screen. i think i prefer the ease of this approach and i'm enjoying the painterly feel...but, only for certain projects. i still like the image crispness that can be achieved from a burned screen.