fall/winter booklets! as kristen mentioned, we have been working hard at CEY to complete this season. it's nice having the books in hand to see and feel the results of all our efforts.
above are most of the designs i contributed. i can't believe how much i learned in the making of these garments. i love that about knitting and garment construction—there's always something new to discover.
i must mention the beautiful photographs are by the very talented cig harvey.


found some of the tees i have left from a craft show. silk screening is a good time...i'm feeling anxious to work with inks again soon.


it's fun seeing one of my new designs for CEY (lush zip hoodie) on the back of the current issue of knitscene.


harvesting my honey-boy allen's angora. he's such a funny bunny. i love him so. And, he's so super soft!


i have very few non-CEY yarns kicking around the studio these days. Terra, however, remains in the stash.
studio news: there is a crazy spider in my window! it is snacking on an ant right this minute. lots and lots of buggies around the studio lately.
ALSO, saw 2 Herons flying above me, then 2 hawks perched together in front of the Bay— all in one car ride into Portland to see Pam.


with the exception of one new side project, the coming months are about finishing up existing ones.
the website and SD1 are the major projects that i am working hard to complete. i don't know what it is about this first volume that is so hard for me to finish. and not hard in a bad way, but quite the contrary. i suppose i am always getting new ideas on how to improve the pages. however, instead of perpetually working and changing the layout i have decided it is time to move on and use those ideas towards the upcoming volumes. the word duh? comes to mind at this moment. oh well.
some other projects that need finishing are, of course, patterns. the few that will be featured right away are simple projects that have been in the pipeline for far too long and it feels absolutely amazing to see them come to life! they are a huge sigh of relief that i Can finish what i start.


todd's mom gave me a bunch of her old knitting/needlework magazines - some date back to the fifties! such treasures.


add: aspen (left) princess (right)


my friend karen gelardi came by my studio this morning to talk about an upcoming project. so exciting! i'll tell more later.
but for now, i'm happy to post about this little scarf i made as a gift for karen in response to seeing work from her Saco Bog collection. originally, i was thinking this would be a little feature in Madder Magazine - but let's get real - the magazine is a long way away! so, finally, i am happy to share this long swatch, aka: a scarf.
YARN: 100% angora, by Valeria di Roma, YELLOW!
the stitch is from Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns .
i love the repeating, geometric shapes which obviously reminded me so much of karen's amazing and stunning work. she is an inspiration.


i'm still working on putting the finishing touches on SD volume 1. however, this hasn't stopped me from starting SD2. i couldn't help myself...the blue and white yarns are calling me!