Two baby sweaters are in the works...one Annabel Cardigan in chickadee and a little hoodie (based on an upcoming Quince design) in lark. I really hope I can finish them before she arrives! I also want to knit her some mittens, a bonnet, a dress, an ascot....the list goes on.


This is a lovely card I received from Kristen (thank you!).

Best wishes to everyone!!


Quince & Co. released my Serafina Cowl pattern this week. I'm so in love with this piece, I have to say. And, I rarely say that about anything I make! The garter stitch cables create a sculptural, squishy fabric which molds around your neck comfortably.
The cowl is shown here with a cardigan version of Annabel. This pattern will be coming out soon—we are just waiting for more Osprey Chanterelle to arrive. (Inventory is low after Cecily's gorgeous Solstice was released!).


I bought these 2 gifts for my babe...some lion linen pants and a little summer dress. OH, the cuteness!


wearing my Bergen.
(thanks for taking these photos, Cecily!)


Here's a new pattern I have been working on: Bergen Cowl. Triangles...triangles...triangles! I love the repetition of triangles. And, of course, I couldn't resist working them up in this modern color combo of white & yellow. I even like the way this cowl looks inside-out.

Yarn: Lark by Quince & Co.
Colors: Egret, Carrie's Yellow

Ravelry link

I'll be getting some work done in the studio today (I hope). The wood stove is blazing in there now, thanks to my Toddie. I have a lot I want to accomplish before the baby comes!
ps: Oliver says hello from our loft.


All you knitters have seen the lovely Coveside by Cecily MacDonald long ago. But I found these photos, taken on Mackworth Island, and couldn't resist a post.


Gudrun Johnston just released a book of knit patterns called The Shetland Trader, Book one. She'll be at Purl Diva today doing a book signing. If you're in the Brunswick area come on over—Cecily and I are going!
I had the pleasure of working as the graphic designer for this book. It was a wonderful project to be apart of, even in a small way. I hope to knit Shalder (it's designed using the oh-so-lovable-Lark).


My baby belly & bootie.
photo by Cecily.


Allen came home yesterday and seems to be recovering fine! So happy.


lovebug booties

I designed these booties on Saturday as I was obsessively thinking about my bunny, Allen. We just found out he has a large tumor on his back-side. My poor little bunny boy goes in tomorrow morning to have it removed. Crossing fingers he is okay after that!
So, these booties were made with Allen in mind. His favorite treats are carrots (shocker) and so, the colorway was born—Apricot and Leek (chickadee yarn). The main color, Egret, represents his fine fleece.

I love him so!! Wish him luck tomorrow.

If you want to knit a pair of lovebug booties you can buy the pattern here or here.



Baby shower gifts! What a day it was...so much love shown towards me and the girl.
The softest baby blanket, some really cute onsies and sleepers, a pair of vintage cat shoes! We also received so many beautiful handmade gifts—here are just a few. (the darling little mouse by my cousin, and baby's first sculpture and a little blanket by my friend Karen).
I feel lucky to have so many warm, giving, loving people in my life. (ahhhh....)


swatch party.


yarn Obsessed.
Malabrigo lace, Rowan Yorkshire tweed 4ply, Canopy by The Fibre Co., and of course, Quince...


These are pretty colors together—don't you think? Totally random, just sitting on my table. Thought it was worth a snap.



Happy Friday.


This stitch pattern was an idea for a long & wide scarf, which I ended up changing for the final version. The scarf is now sitting on my studio table...taunting me. I really want to wear it! But, since it hasn't been blocked or photographed yet, I best leave it be.
The scarf will be featured in a small collection coming out later this year for Quince.
yarn: lark
color: delft




I finished my Shelter cap and have been wearing it non-stop. It seems to be the only warm hat I possess.
The sweater is one I designed last winter and was put away due to some funky shoulder shaping that made the drapey cardigan droop off my shoulders. But now with my baby belly getting fuller, I yanked it from the archive bin so that I'd have something to keep me warm. There are a few features I do appreciate in the design—dart shaping in the back, the long length that covers the bum, and the cozy, wrap-me-up style of the drapey front. I think it's worth re-designing the shoulders and knitting it up in Tern (sample garment was knit in Moorland by CE).



weekend with friends

My good friends came up from Brooklyn for the weekend. We walked all around Portland, ate lobster and scallops, and went to our favorite Fryeburg Fair. Tiya ended up going home with Etienne, since she looks so darn stunning in it.
And, yes, that's me in the last photo. Looking rather pregnant. I've been wearing that sweater a lot lately. It's one I made last year and intended on publishing the pattern. Though, after some thought I decided I wanted to make a few changes to the design: shorter sleeves, longer body, wider neck...well...not sure when, if ever, I'll get to making that version. However, I've been quite happy with the cropped, bell shaped silhouette and I loooooove the yarn (Terra by the Fibre Co.).



Jared sent me a sample of his new yarn, Shelter, a while back and I'm just now getting to knit a cap out of it. I love this woolen-spun yarn—lofty, rustic, and the color is gorgeous!! (I think it is Long Johns). Mazie Mae also approves.



camilla babe is in the shop

I get teary eyed when I look at this sweater! (My first my baby sweater for my little one.) Camilla babe is now available: Madder and Ravelry.


camilla babe

I can't wait to see my little girl all warm and cozy in Camilla babe.
The pattern will be available in my shop by the end of next week...right now it's with Kristen being tech edited.

yarn: Lark
color: carrie's yellow