the autumn flowering Anemone or Windflower. i'd love to plant some of these in my garden next year. so Lovely.


look at this needlework! vintage tablecloths are marvelous.


i like to begin my monday mornings with a little inspiration.


another chesapeake swatch (on a plum tart recipe).


after knitting this slip stitch rib swatch, i realized the wrong side of the fabric was also attractive and might work better with my main stitch pattern.
i love little surprises.
yarn: Chesapeake by CEY
top: RS
bottom: WS


happy friday!
looking forward to picnic.


i like this color palette.


i was going through a pile of my sketches and found this rough little puppy. it was a quick and passing thought sometime last spring or summer. as i was looking at it this time around, i eerily looked up at my inspiration board and saw it had a striking similarity to this garment—ripped right out of this month's vogue magazine. hey now! i gave up on pursuing this idea for i just wasn't sure about it. but, i think i may have to come up with something...just for fun.


the first assignment in my freshman design class was to use scraps from magazines to make spreads in sketchbooks. i still have many of the books i compiled in college and retreat to them often for inspiration. though i haven't assembled a book in quite a while, i am still in the habit of tearing through all my magazines in hopes of returning to this super fun studio activity someday.

thanks again kat for your wonderful words about sd1!


the blueberries bushes in my yard have been keeping me full for weeks now. i'm not complaining!


having some fun.