When I began designing this garment, I was leaning towards a top down pullover with some colorwork in the yoke. I spent several days swatching and sketching and agonizing over the idea. It never felt right. Whenever this happens, I flip the idea over and try and think of its opposite. What if this wasn't a long sleeve, cold-weather sweater at all? Minutes later, I sketched what is now Etienne. So, far it has been the perfect addition to my spring attire.


These are a few photos from swatch diaries / volume 2.
Marina explores pattern, shapes, and texture through photography, graphic illustrations and swatches. All the photographs were taken in the neighborhood of Munjoy Hill, located on a peninsula beside Casco Bay in Portland, ME. The photographs are printed on watercolor paper that has been coated with cyanotype emulsion. The results are rich, blue toned prints. The knitted swatches are all made with navy and white yarns.

I'm quite happy with how this volume turned out. I apologize to those of you who pre-ordered so long ago! But, your books were sent out on Thursday, so they should be in your hands soon.

Well, Happy Saturday to you all! It's a perfect day to knit in the shade under a tree. So that is just what I am going to do.

ps: To the lovely people who left comments on this post, the web has eaten them up. Just so you know, I didn't do it!



glad my little studio mate is comfortable! look at his toes! melts my heart that boy of mine.



Lena Corwin recently posted some photos of Karen's show, New Factories and New Paintings. And she even includes a photo of one of my knit prints! Neato. I have followed her blog for a long time now, so it feels really special to have something I made appear in one of her posts.


Fun at last week's photo shoot for Madder. Working on the pattern layouts this week...one of my favorite things to do.


Finishing up some pieces for an upcoming Madder photo shoot. And, the cardigan pattern is now back from the tech editor (thanks Kristen!).



just found this site...bellissimo!


Dear Daffodils,

It is so good to see you.


Yesterday, I received a fun envelope of books in the mail from fog linen.


I have been so busy with work and everything, it is actually surprising to find April has arrived! Happy Day. To celebrate, I am pretending I can paint.