Quince is close to launching! Pam and I both got goosebumps today when looking at a nearly finished website. It's crazy. Months of work, months of dreaming, and learning (like, say, how to design a website) are now neatly organized on the pages of the site. I'm so proud of what we've made!

Tomorrow we have some organizing to do at the mill and there are still a few lingering bits on my our to-do list. But soon. So soon.

photo: puffin / nasturtium


New England Knits

Looking forward to July 1st when Cecily and Melissa's book is released! I feel so fortunate they included one of my designs in their book—a pair of wooly, slip-stitch mittens.
The inspiration for these hand warmers came directly from a pair I once bought at a thrift store, but have sadly lost some time ago. Those mittens had crazy-hunter orange as the accent color, so I was happy to modernize the color palette with a hard-to-resist gray heather and those lovely, light blues. I also added some stripes to the cuff (I couldn't resist) and modified the stitch pattern (I can't remember the exact slip stitch pattern in the thrifted mitts, but I know it looks/feels different).


Yesterday, Kristen drove up to visit with Cecily, Pam and myself. We took a stroll around MackWorth Island and ate yummy Mexican food. I love spending time with magnificent ladies and showing off this great little city of Portland.



Here's a shot of my mitts in (possibly my favorite Q yarn?) Chickadee.

Pam and I are working hard on getting the patterns proofed. We're calling and emailing each other a hundred times a day so the instructions are consistent and clear. Once this is done, the website info will all be in the hands of our programmers. Thank goodness. It won't be long!

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