Immie likes to be in the stew-doe (studio) with me.


I made this swatch about 5 years ago and I keep coming back to these friendly stitches. I think a hat?

The wool is from Norway, where we went on our honeymoon—5 years ago! Time sure feels like it is getting away from me. It's so hard to believe we have been married for that long. But a lot has happened (like a 2.5 year old kiddo!). Looking forward to what the next 5 bring...and beyond.



I'm still working on the design for Imogen's autumn sweater. Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting has been a nice source of inspiration.


Lately, I've been thinking about reviving my swatch diaries book series. Going forward though, the books would be digital. And free. Just for fun.
These are the colors I'm drawn to right now for the third book. We'll see if it comes together....


I'm excited to get started on a pullover for Imogen.
Every time she sees me knitting she asks "Immie's fetter?" Finally, I'll be able to say "yes, Immie's sweater". It feels like it has been a while...


avec clementine

 She still fits into her Clementine Vest.


sweet dress

Made Imogen a little dress for a family event that was in Burlington, VT last weekend. I made it quickly so it's not the nicest sewing, but it  felt good to be able to make something in one day. More sewing please.