not much knitting right now...just a lot of planning.
i look forward to all the good things to come in 2009!
(nyc for new year's eve and day...can't wait.)


it's snowing - again! happy holidays for those of you who celebrate. my husband is trying to get me on some ski's this year for Christmas...we'll see about that.


finished this a while ago and haven't had a chance to photograph it yet because my husband keeps wearing it! i like the way it turned out...using Fresco, of course. i may try knitting it in another colorway just for fun.


this is the view from my kitchen..it's of my little studio i lovingly call fort nest. lots going on in there...for Madder and for work.
Madder: planning the release of my website which will include handknitting patterns, a magazine and a booklet series. so many good things to work on...to think over...and to dream up!
Work: a very exciting project i probably shouldn't talk about until TNNA time.
on the needles: fingerless mitts with koigu


my studio right now...
anyone else love that CD, too???


these are the photos i posted on my personal blog, but thought i'd throw them up here, too.
they are of my hat, my first fair isle design which i agonized over for far too long. but, hey, you can't rush the creative process.


s.d. arrived yesterday! it's really shaping up...i have to make a few minor adjustments and it will be done. making progress, slowly but surely.




working on this hat design for my website...and many other ideas are brewing.
the last mock-up of swatch diaries: volume 1 has been sent to the printers. so, it won't be long!