i know these aren't swatches...but they are as cuddly as yarn. my bunny, allen, and my kitty, mabel. together for the first time. mabel seems unfazed for the most part. allen was very interested in her, though, i couldn't get a good snap of it (using photobooth...the only lens close-by at the time).


this is just a quick and dirty edit from a museum in Salhus. there will be a lot of photos from this one particular adventure in S.D. volume 1.


the stripe cowl neck is coming right along...this will be the first pattern featured on my website...both in progress :)
behind the stripe swatch is Aspen...a hearty yarn...surely this yarn could contribute to my winter warmth! so, i'm thinking about ordering some and making another project for my little web shop.
below are some snaps from Rhinebeck...what a weekend. lots and lots of knitters, different fibers and, my personal favorite, all the fiber animals!


this weekend hannah and i are going to rhinebeck. i'm really looking forward to a weekend of sheep and wool.
above is a photo of a loom my cousin is loaning me. so fun...can't wait to take a class.


thinking about projects to come...


my favorite napkins...will i ever use them? from our layover in Reykjavik.


this hot little number was supposed to be finished on my honeymoon - but, i was still knitting it a couple hours before the photo shoot. eek. must not do that again...i hate it when the relaxing craft of knitting becomes stressful. defeats the purpose, right?


Fresco! I loved reading Knitter's Review this morning, since I too, love this yarn. I'm working on something really fun for Classic Elite's web-letter.