Today is the first day I'm on my own with Imogen. After a long fussy morning, she fell asleep on my lap as I sewed the buttons on her new Annabel Babe Cardigan. I think the weaving in and out of the needle into the fabric soothed her enough to let her eyelids drop closed. Will she be a textile lover, too?
Hopefully she will nap long enough for me to finish the pattern so I can send it off to get tech edited. Better get to it...


Living with Field (my new pattern for Quince.).


Imogen loves wearing her booties.


Thank you, everyone, for all your sweet comments! We are happily getting settled at home. It is a wonderful feeling to be here with Imogen.

(camilla babe on my babe. a little big, yet, but I was too anxious to wait.)


imogen amelia

Here she is—our blizzard baby. We are enjoying the splendor of being new parents.
I'm anxious to finish some of the knitting projects I have going for her...soon, soon I hope...need to keep the babe warm and toasty!


Waiting for my babe to arrive...and knitting. I finally get to use those sweet, little metal buttons I bought at an antique shop up north. And yes, I am knitting my girl a baby blue sweater! I just love that shade (glacier/chickadee).