it has been a fun, yet tiring week. cecily, pam and i were busy little bees working on the CEY photo shoot. i think the images are going to be amazing...i'm really looking forward to working on these books.

above is one of my favorite design companies: minä perhonen. what a fantastic coat!


it's been a bit of a chaotic week. between getting ready for an upcoming photo shoot for work, releasing my website, hanging with my hubby...all good things...but last night i had to kick back. no knitting. no cooking. i just melted into bed and watched movies.
luckily, it feels as if our little heat wave has let up, so getting back to my wool tonight shouldn't be a problem!
anyway....i wanted show you this pile of proofs (it's not even all of them!). swatch diaries: volume one has been through many transformations. size...content...pattern or no pattern? it has been a while since i've looked through them all. gee whiz was i indecisive! i am very happy with how the book ended up and am proud to have it resting on my bookshelf.


pinch me! it's alive: madder

a quiet beginning for my dear, little website. a few small projects and my first volume of swatch diaries.
i have high hopes of learning html this fall/winter, so that i will be able to add pages and categories...etc...

thank you abe and jennifer for helping make this site come together!


i am working on a piece that has gathering in the front and back. it's been fun figuring out the numbers.

hope you all enjoy your weekend. i have something exciting to show you on monday....stay tuned.


here is a sweater i'm working on for Madder. this yarn is so textured you don't need any fancy stitch work—it looks beautiful in regular ole Stockinette stitch (or in this case Crossed St st).


the wool i've been waiting for! i have been eager to play with Véronik Avery's new yarn, Nordique, and to see the premier issue of St. Denis. there is lots to love! i want to knit an Edge of Love inspired sweater—this yarn would be perfect for that. i'm also admiring the designs in the magazine. hmmm....what to knit....?


ahhh, what's not to love about this couch? even the name! i'm always looking at patterns and colors and this caught my eye in the latest dwell.


my Made in Brooklyn booklet arrived yesterday. i have been anxious to see this baby in print! working with jared on creating the layout has been a true pleasure. we are all aware of his ultra ability and talent when it comes to designing knitwear and taking photographs— both are so beautifully exhibited in this booklet. he's so good!
Must make these mittens....


bottom: ariosa
middle: classic silk
top: terra


i love the lines of lace—delicate and complex.


cashmere. oh la la...


look Connie—our sweaters are playing together! i feel so honored.