I have been accumulating many skeins of Malabrigo Lace for what seems like years. I'm finally feeling the urge to knit with it! Maybe it's because I was working with Hannah (the lady who is famous for her lace weight sweaters) this morning?
I'm seriously thinking Imogen needs a little Annabel Cardigan made from it. It would be Immie's third yellow sweater (currently working on #2). Never too many of those, right?



nice spring colors in chickadee.


just for fun

Last weekend I knit myself a beret version of Leila in Kelp to match a vintage dress. A dress that I can not (will not, and never have been able to) fit into. But, I knew just the gal with just the right (slender) measurements who would be able to slide that zipper up with no trouble at all—Abigail. She's a lovely model we use for Quince and she was getting ready to move away from Portland (boohoo!) last Monday. I really wanted to give her the dress before she set sail, but I also really, really wanted to photograph her in it. Just for fun. And, so I did...wearing Leila.
Note to the stylist (that was me): Pull hat up off forehead, so it actually looks like a beret. (oh, the things I think of after the shoot is over.)

ps: that is Abigail's empty apartment. such a beautiful space.



This was us all weekend...baby watching mama knit.


Enjoying the aroma from my yard this weekend. Viburnum in bloom. Knitting a beret while baby sleeps. Dreaming of a cleaner house.
Wondering what you all are up to?


this weekend...

it's me and you, kelp.


Imogen is still sporting her annabel and leila. I'll be so sad when they don't fit her anymore. She's already outgrown so many of her clothes. How quickly they grow! But, on the good side, now she's fitting into some adorable socks that my friend Hannah gave us. And those pants crack me up with the giant cupcake that is on the bum.


sunny sunday

Up early, excited for this day with my friend who is visiting from Seattle. Knitting for babe in Tern/Buoy. Happy Sunday!