Immie's Christmas stocking.



Well, my devotion to garter stitch continues in my new pattern, Miriam. Strange how this cardi looks a lot like my December booties, huh? Well, I guess I inspired myself with gray, garter stitch. Heehee.

I fancy this cardi because it is easy to knit and easy to wear. And, it was knit with Kumlien's Gull—a favorite heathers shade of mine.


sew more

I made Immie this fun cat skirt for xmas. Because every girl needs a cat skirt. Right?
Fabric is from one of the cutest fabric shops ever (in Belfast, ME)



And the winner is....Anne! Please email your full name and address to: maddermade@gmail.com.

Thank you everyone! Your comments were very sweet and much appreciated.



my first giveaway

Leave a comment below to be entered in the contest to win one skein of Lark/Kumlien's Gull, four pom-poms (made just last night), and the pattern for my December Booties. I'll announce the winner on Monday!


december booties

I made these December booties as a Christmas gift for Imogen. Monday night I knit the first one and Tuesday night I knit the second. I'm sure those of you who can stay up past 9pm could knit them both in one night.

These are knit with Lark in Kumlien's Gull and the pom-poms add a little pop of color (these are created with Peacock, Leek, Carrie's Yellow and Pomegranate). Oh, and they are for babes: 12-18 months.

Can't wait to give them to her! Maybe I should give them to her as an early Christmas present?? I can't decide. But, there's still time to make these before the holiday if you need a last-minute baby gift.


Also available on Ravelry.


Pom-poms for Immie.


new tote

Check it out...I made this bag! Can you believe it? I love sewing. I love fabric. I'm feeling a little obsessed.


I had my last photo shoot with Chloe for a while...she's leaving to live in Merida, Yucatan for a few months. Wouldn't I LOVE to go down there for a little photo shoot??? (Yes.)

Afterwards, we warmed up at Scratch Bakery. I picked up their new magazine, Baker's Notes, which was wonderfully touched (design & Art Direction) by More & Co. The recipe I can't wait to bake? CHOCOLATE Chocolate chocolate (cake). Oh, it's a sweet issue. Yum.


leila babe cap

On the drive to Rhinebeck I knit Immie a new cap. I replaced tern with chickadee (pomegranate) using my Leila Babe cap pattern. Not bad!

Yesterday was yet another mild, beautiful day. Immie and I wandered around the yard and looked at all the leaves that need to be raked(!). And, she let me photograph her (briefly) wearing her new cap. Thanks, babe, I love ya.

I know this is a ridiculous amount of photos to post, but I couldn't help myself.


I just found this picture of Chloe from our first photo shoot together and thought I'd post it for fun. She's wearing Pam's High Street cap.



The newest member to the Quince family is here! Erin, you were right about the name—how did you guess?
Well, it is great to hear about what some of your wishes are...will keep note of those comments for the future.

ps: OH...Finch is a sweet 4-ply yarn in all of our 37 colors, plus 4 shades of Heathers. Will post swatches soon.


new bird

Something new will be added to the Quince website next week! I'm really excited. I'll give you a hint: It's not the mug.



You invasive beauty, you.


coastal knits

Hello there, thanks for dropping by! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Carrie and I work as Art Director for Quince & Company. I do all the photography at Q, so taking snaps of knitwear is a usual occurrence. But, it is not everyday that I get invited to photograph a collection of garments for such a special project. I was honored and up for the task.

Actually, let me back up a bit and tell you about how Hannah and I first met. Do you mind Hannah?? Several years ago I moved here to Portland, Maine and was trying to find some work as a photo assistant. Diane (of the infamous Ferdinand) gave me the name of her friend Hannah, a local wedding photographer. Yes, that's right—both Hannah and I started off doing wedding photography! We corresponded, though didn't actually meet until a year or so later when I was working at the Fibre Company's mill. We both made the transition from wedding photography to knitting....because that's what everybody does, right? Strange...we were destined to work together.

So, Hannah asked me earlier this year if I'd be up for doing the photography for Coastal Knits. There were a few ideas kicking around, but eventually it was settled that Alana would photograph her pieces and I'd photograph Hannah's. I do believe, it all worked out for the best. Alana was able to capture the beauty of her west coast locations so nicely. And, since I share Hannah's love for this area, I hope I was able to capture a little of the magic of Maine.

I thought I'd keep things brief for the rest of this post and just show you some outtakes from the East Coast photo shoot.

The first location was Two Lights.

We started the day at dawn.

Had the most amazing morning fog. Dreamy.

Second location: Willard Beach

The fog held on. No complaints here.

We took a quick snack break at Scratch.

Third location: Casco Bay Ferry Lines
The fog was lifting.

Jocelyn, our model, was a natural.

Love this one in Sparrow!!

Fourth location: Eastern Promenade

The sun was out in full swing, so we hid under a tree.

Fifth location: The West End

The image below is the very last shot from this session. J was really workin' it. I believe this photo actually made it into the book but, I love it so much I had to include it here. I really like that L.L.Bean dress, too! Oh, and I should mention that amazing Volvo belongs to Hannah's husband, Abe. (Thanks for letting us cruise around town in it. So much fun.)

And, the oh so pretty streets of the West End.

That's it! Thanks for coming. And a big Thank you to Hannah & Alana for including me in Coastal Knits.

yarn yarn yarn

I have been super busy lately...still haven't gotten around to posting about Rhinebeck. Well, hopefully that will still come once I upload those photos to my computer. Til then, here is a peek at some new yarn I purchased.
The top photo is a lace weight I bought at The Sanguine Gryphon booth. And, of course, just as I found out about them (I'm a little behind...) as they are ending their business together. Ah, well. The bottom photo was also purchased at Rhinebeck at the The Greenwood Hill Farm booth. I LOVE this yarn. It's soft and lofty...can't wait to knit a pair of mittens with this.
The middle photo is some pretty String Theory yarn I bought at Purl Diva. I think this will become a sweater for Immie.

Stay tuned for this Wednesday—it is my turn on the Coastal Knits blog tour!



Good Morning...

Want some cables to go with your cowl? Here is Liesl, my new design. Just in time for this chilly, chilly chill that has come our way! (I'm wearing this right now in fact.)

Liesl is knit flat and seamed together. Made with Lark in Peacock.

Available on Madder and Quince and Ravelry.