hot stuff

here's a Lot of color to start your week. it's my little studio all lit up in the evening hours. so electric.


happy thanksgiving!


coming soon...

good morning, monday!
image from the upcoming swatch diaries, volume 2.
looking forward to its release next month...


giselle is on the needles for a CEY design. it's so much fun to see the lace stitch come to life through the soft fuzz.



here's a little wooden leaf-shaped bowl that sits on my studio bookshelf. in it i keep a feather i found in my backyard (possibly from a woodpecker?), rock/shell from the pacific northwest, a dried bit of tansy, a walnut my dad gave me, a NYC subway token from college...and of course...a mini ball of yarn.


New Factories

New Factories is one of the projects I've been working on outside of Madder. Collaborating with my very talented artist-friend Karen Gelardi has been a thoroughly enjoyable process. She presented me with 3 digital drawings, giving me the challenge of sourcing the fiber and creating a prototype knit "print" for each one. We are both happy with the results! I stopped by Karen's studio yesterday and saw them all stacked together—the light streaming into the side window, illuminating the wooly halo. When you see them in person they are wonderfully curious, tactile sculptures. I am especially fond of the 2-tone red print.


someone else is drawn to this word, too...i just love etsy.


last month i mentioned a mini collection i am creating called swoon...still getting my thoughts, yarns and swatches together. besides the sweater, which is in the works, i am tinkering with a camisole design, as well as a hat. so that's it. a little trio.


i'm playing around with shapes for SD2.


spent some time doodling & swathcing projects over the weekend.


work is more fun with a warm cup of tea.