ysolda gave me a lesson on crocheting granny squares. that's good - i've been wanting to make my own granny square blanket! my first square came out a little wonky...i'll have to practice.
when walking around we found a little truffle shop next to Rabelais...they had quite an assortment -super cayenne, ginger, tequila lime. yum yum.


it's been kind of a busy week. went down to lowell yesterday - it's such a long day in the car, but always worth it to see my co-workers in person.


a fun project for madder.


we were doing renovations on the house recently and brought the kittens down to Fort Nest for safety. they were right at home in the yarn piles that clutter the space. Must clean studio.


polka dots and dot stitch...


this reminds me of the first hat i ever knit - creamy white lopi with bright red trim. i gave it to a friend of mine...maybe it's time to make another (this time for me).


i couldn't help but bring down some lilacs from the side yard. such a sweet aroma to have around while i work.
pens (from dad...to encourage my doodling i do believe), buttons, letterpress, fan (it's actually getting warm) and yarn, of course. a busy studio table.


madder and cochineal make scrumptious colors.


i love this - so much fun! when the yarn dries i'll show you the colors...


found yet another project (good cause thrift store). conveniently, this one has already been started for me. it will be a cute pillow cover...someday.