pretty quince

I am always inspired by the colors and shapes of spring.
{photo by mrs. french}


I'm finishing up some pieces to be released along with swatch diaries 2. Soon soon. It's a good thing—I can't wait to wear them.

OH...the dress on the form. My wedding dress. Not sure what to do with it. Dye it? Shorten it? Just stare at it on the dress form from time to time? I still love the crinkly champagne silk.


little bells.


Having fun with garter stitch.
Needle sizes 9, 10, 10.5, and 11 with Aran weight wool.


The knit prints I made for New Factories are on exhibit right now in New York City. I'm so happy! I wish I could make the trip to see them in person, but this snap will have to do.

New Paintings + New Factories
Karen Gelardi
Meghan Brady

On exhibit at Coleman Burke Gallery until April 16th
638 W 28th Street, Ground Floor


Had our second lesson in spinning today. I plyed 2 spools of (over-spun) single ply yarn together and voilĂ ! A 2 ply skein was born. Not bad, eh? Very rustic. Might make a beautiful potholder.


Spring feels close—the sun is out, the snow has melted, and the crocuses are sprouting!
Could it be, really? It has been a busy winter, yet oddly unproductive. Hmmm...not sure how that happened. But, alas, I feel things are coming together.


Having too much fun with tie-dye. This is one of my staple garments—a long tank from American Apparel. I want to dye them all now!