two lights blanket

Two Lights Blanket is a new pattern featured in Wood, Taproot's 4th issue. Knitted in Quince & Co.'s Osprey yarn, the easy-to-memorize knit-and-purl stitch pattern is reversible and incredibly addictive to knit! And the blanket is cozy. Oh so, so cozy.  Mine is getting a lot of use already.

I am so thrilled to be a contributor of Taproot. I haven't seen this issue yet--it's due to arrive next week! Looks like another great issue.

Two Lights Blanket
yarn: osprey
color: kumlien's gull


color love

Clay (by Q, of course).


ada cowl

Ada cowl is a pattern I made for Mollie Makes Magazine, Issue 11, and I'm now able to offer it on my site. Perfect timing as winter sets in! I decided to experiment and add one skein of knitting to the cowl, as you can see at the top. I didn't have an extra skein of the same yarn, so I opted for a completely new color. Why not? Bird's egg and Kittywake look so pretty together.

Ada is all about texture. Big, beautiful, chunky texture. And warmth.
Knit with Puffin by Quince & Co.

Pattern is $4.00 and available on Madder and Ravelry.


ps: These 2 shoots are almost exactly a year apart! Chloe is rocking her new hair cut in the top photos. Love it.



 it's irresistible.


Happy Thanksgiving!


The winner...

Is Sylvia who said...Beautiful book. I'd love to have it.

Congrats! And, please send your address to maddermade@gmail.com.

Above: puffin. 
(And, V, the fabric in the last post is generic from JoAnn's.)


November Knits! (& giveaway)

I was honored when Kate and Courtney asked me to submit a design for their book, November Knits. I was at the tail end of my pregnancy and was a little worried about overloading myself, but I just couldn't say no! Somehow I was able to design Abilene, a cardigan in Quince & Co.'s Lark yarn, when my baby was just a few weeks old. The very talented knitter and designer Dawn Catanzaro knit the sample for me (thank you!). The cardigan has side shaping with lace cuffs and yoke--a slightly vintage look.

To celebrate this book and all the wonderful designs on its pages, I thought I'd host a little giveaway. To win a copy of November Knits leave a comment on this post.


ps: Leave a comment by end of day Tuesday and I'll announce the winner on Wednesday!


belated rhinebeck post

Golly. I can't believe Rhinebeck was nearly a month ago! Time flies when you're super busy, I guess. I've been working on photographing a craft book which has been a lot of fun, but a lot of work. It always takes longer than you think! And at Quince, I have been working on laying out a couple books--one for Hannah (Mabel's Closet) and the other for Gudrun (Knit with me). Yowza. It's been a little crazy.

Anyway, Immie and I had a great time at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. We saw a lot of friends, ate a few cider donuts with hot cider, and thoroughly enjoyed the foliage and warm weather (knitwear was removed mid-day). And the animals! Gotta love Paco-Vicuña. The softest fleece I've ever felt. Dreamy...

Oh, and yes, that's my girl playing her harmonica in the last photo.



Immie, my mom, and myself had a nice weekend in the big city. We went to the Museum of Natural History on Saturday. What an impression it made on Immie. She was amazed and excited (and a little scared, too--those elephants are so big!).

And, it doesn't seem right to mention NYC without mentioning the recent hurricane. My friends were lucky as their home was not damaged by Sandy. I could see small signs of its affect on the streets, but we weren't in any of the neighborhoods that were seriously hit. My heart goes out to all those who were not so fortunate.


ps: Immie found her new favorite snack--squeeze-tube applesauce. A gift from her godmother.



A marsh at high noon. Such a lovely place. Going somewhere completely different this weekend--Brooklyn!