mabel babel sweet potato
i wrote a little something on fn but thought i would share it here, too, since i always felt that she was very much a part of Madder.

i bought some fantastic buttons last fall in Gothenberg, Sweden. it's a little dangerous being in a candy store like that with no actual projects in mind, but i think it will be interesting to approach designing a garment or accessory around the buttons. mix things up a bit.


more yellow...waffle brioche st on a tea towel (100 Yen store).


i'm back! such a dreamy location for a photo shoot...but that's maine for ya'.
so much work goes into these booklets that CEY puts out and it is really fun, exciting, inspiring and...completely exhausting to be apart of them. i'm happy to be home and am looking forward to rummaging through all the photographs with pam to lay out the front of the booklets. it was great seeing some CEY peeps, including sweet Cecily.


i was going to show you this swatch, but....here are some cute little paws instead.


my husband bought this ukulele a couple years ago so we could sing christmas carols...i know, super cheesy. well, i wish he were here right now, playing songs to egg me on to the finish line. this sweater is due soon...oh, deadlines.


a mixture of swatches for CEY and Madder. our photo shoot is coming up soon and so we're working hard to make it amazing! Madder will have a few photo shoots this spring/summer as well. :)


i love yellow.


making waves.


found some of my little treats from Japan.
towel, lunch box, ring, tags and soy sauce containers...all from the land of cuteness.


even though it is close to zero˚ outside, i still hear spring's little whisper.
maybe it's the change in the light...


lately, i've been really thinking about what Madder means to me. i have so many ideas and they often take me in a different direction than my original goal, which is to have knit patterns, a magazine...blah blah....
anyway, i'm realizing i must Focus. and no matter what direction Madder takes i must stop the dreaming and start the doing.
above: loving loving navy & white. planning a small collection with this color palette - now i must strive to make this plan happen!