Quince had a fun little photo shoot last night. We have a couple new patterns to release soon—a hat by Pam and an ascot by yours truly.
I "discovered" our model, Chloe, while she was working her shift at Whole Foods. Not only is she lovely to look at, but she is super sweet and interesting and has an incredible sense of style. What a gal.


weekend away

I went up north this past weekend to visit my folks. It's so relaxing where they live, so quiet and serene. We took a drive to Acadia, went antiquing, picked raspberries around their house and bought loads of fresh veggies from a little farm stand. A perfect getaway!
On my way home I stopped at Purl Diva to visit with friends Cecily and Melissa at their book signing. I think I tried on every garment from New England Knits! So many sweaters in one book—it is an amazing amount of work and talent. Also, I was fortunate to meet Mary Jane for the first time and chat with shop owner, Ellen. So fun. I love my knit-peeps.


miles loves carrie's yellow, too.


Finishing up a new sweater design in osprey / storm.


chickadee / lichen swatch


photo shoot with friends

Yesterday, I photographed a smashing collection of knit and crochet pieces for Catepillar Knits by Kristen TenDyke. Cecily joined in and was a big help as always! We all headed down to a small, tucked away beach in Cape Elizabeth where we found a gorgeous rocky coast, a seaweed covered beach, and a literally cool cave. Ah, Maine.

Looks like we weren't the only ones capturing knits in ME, yesterday.



I am so inspired by my chickie-lady's feathers—the colors, the patterns, the layering. Nature's beauty blows up my mind sometimes. And her quirky personality keeps me endlessly smiling.


why wool?

Wool is FASHIONABLE (all caps, says the American Wool Council, year?).

Is this Wool Directory not a treasure? A gift from my cousin. Thanks, Amanda!


wedding shoe-sweater

I know I've posted my darling wedding shoes before, which sit in the corner of my studio, calling my name several times a week. They are begging to be worn with a hand knit sweater. I must comply. And, finally, I have the perfect yarn to make it with: chickadee / lichen. Let the swatching begin.


ina / beret

Here is a beret version of Ina in chickadee/storm. I was so busy designing the website and thinking about the photography for the photo shoot, I had very little time to knit the first version. So, I opted to make Ina a cap. Sadly, due to the time crunch, it was not a very pleasurable knitting experience. I was using bamboo needles, which I usually love, but for this yarn/project, I was having a terrible time sliding the stitches along. It seemed to take me twice as long, tick-tock, when I needed it to take me half the time.
SO, as soon as the shoot was over, I decided to make Ina again. This time with happier results. I splurged and bought some addi's—the stitches moved freely. My hands were at ease, there was no lingering deadline ahead of me. It was fun this time! phew.
(Camera shy am I, so lucky for me Allen volunteered to be help me out!)



Quince yarns—we're up! Come visit us...


I bought these animal plant pots at a flea market in Boothbay last weekend. So small--I'll have to find some mini succulents to plant inside.