more lottie

Ever since my first visit to Imogen's little school, I have wanted to do a photo shoot there. This past March, I finally asked her sweet teacher if it would be okay for us to stay after school one day. Lucky for us, Amy kindly agreed.

Immie was a wild thing the entire time. She was dazed with excitement to have all those toys (she usually has to share) all to herself. She was in bliss— making it impossible for me to get a magic-moment-shot. But, they're fun pictures...I'm so glad to have them in our family album.

Right before we left, Immie flipped all the stools upside-down, making boats, so she could sail away. Silly. Love her imagination.

(By the way, the photo where she is sitting still with the Lottie set on, was all Amy's doing. At least she listens to her teacher! She never would have posed for me like that.)

Have a marvelous weekend,


south paris / ashore

Wow, another pattern release—can you believe it?

I'm excited to tell you that Cecily Glowik MacDonald has just released Ashore, with friends. I'm even more excited to tell you that I am one of her friends. But that's probably obvious, since she is so amazing.

Anyway... this double-sided, textured cowl, South Paris, can be found in the ebook (or separately on Ravelry or Madder). Thank you for including me, sweet C!

 And just a bit about the name: We were all asked to name our pieces after a town and I chose South Paris, Maine, where my husband grew up and where a lot of his family still live.

Yarn: Finch by Quince & Co.
Color: Marsh



Meet Lottie:  A cardigan worked from the top down, a cowl, and a beret. I'm partial to these simple designs since they include my favorite garter stitch. But I had fun working a bit of 2x2 ribbing into the pieces, too.

Patterns are available here:
Madder / cardigan, accessories, or the set
Ravelry / cardigan, accessories, or the set

All 3 pieces are worked in Lark by Quince & Co. The garter stitch ridges look amazing in this yarn! (The cardigan is shown in Dogwood, the cowl is in Frost, and the beret is in Storm.)

These photos were taken on Mother's Day. She was in a rather giving mood and actually let me photograph her! No bribes or anything. Of course, it only lasted about 10 minutes and then she was done. But it was a nice gift. No photography subject gives me more pleasure than my babe.

Have a great weekend everyone,



Spring is busy for us this year. I took on a big (for me) freelance photo gig, we're working to get my mom's house on the market, working to get our own house renovated a bit...it is overwhelming at times. Especially having passed the one-year anniversary of my dad's death.

But, spring is a wonderful season of new beginnings and fresh starts (right?).  My family and I are trying to stay positive and present (trying). Immie certainly helps to lift our moods and/or distracts us from the sad past and blurry future by....well, by being two years old. (Heehee.) And the chicks are so much fun, too.

Anyway, in the mix of all this I have had a little solace in my studio. I get short windows of time in there, though I can't say they are always productive. Sometimes I like to sit in the quiet and organize my fabric and yarn. So silly since there are a ton of other things I could be doing! But, I have actually managed to squeak out a pattern that will be released soon. So, stay tuned.

That's the scoop here.


spring. ahhhh. so nice to be in contact with plants again.


little studio friends

I love having company in my studio.

And, Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.



our new babes

Six little chicks (or "baby hens" says Immie)!