I'm working away on Scarves Etc. 2013 due to launch next Tuesday(!) on Quince.

 And, I have a fun post for you tomorrow. Though, those of you who subscribe to my RSS have already seen a sneak peek of what I'm up to (sorry about that!).



A couple knits for Imogen.


Immie, outside in her ski hat.
(By the way, she's gone skiing five times this winter! Not bad for a 2 year old.)



I was cleaning out my studio yesterday and found 2 projects--unfinished, of course! The third (bottom photo) is a little something I'm currently knitting for Q.

top photo: A shapeless vest in Shelter I was knitting along with Ada. But, it got set aside....think I'd wear it though, so I'd like to finish it.

middle photo: CEY cashmere yarn, One sleeve wrap. Now this I know I would wear. Should finish it for spring. We'll see!


Curious how a Mae shrug would look in Malabrigo Lace? I have some in my stash and I'd really like to knit my way through the yarn I have.


Making something(s) for later this year...



I'm reading with Immie.
And, we're playing, too.
I'm swatching with this and that.
Supporting this project.
And maybe cooking a little, too.
What are you doing today?


Knitting Immie a cardigan in dogwood/lark.


circles + dots

    I'm so thrilled—today we released Olga Buraya-Kefelian's amazing spring collection, Circles + Dots, over at Quince & Co.

These photos were taken last fall at an old abandoned house (or so we thought). We nearly got in trouble with the owner for trespassing--she busted us sneaking up the drive way. Turns out she lives across the street. Also, turns out she's a knitter! She let us continue....and what a neat location it turned out to be.