I'm reading with Immie.
And, we're playing, too.
I'm swatching with this and that.
Supporting this project.
And maybe cooking a little, too.
What are you doing today?


Susanne Clark said...

Knitting...drawing with colored pencil...watching the rain wash the snow away...

madder said...

Sounds like a nice day.

Kate said...

I bought this book last year for my niece, Annabelle, who is 7. I taught her and her sister Olivia, 9, to knit. One day last summer we were sitting under an umbrella in the garden, knitting together, and Olivia looked up at me and let out a long sigh ".....Aunt Kate? I SO love knitting...." We ride bikes together, too, so I am the coolest aunt on the planet. ;)

madder said...

Oh, you ARE the coolest. Great job spreading the knit-bug. :) So cute--she loves knitting at such a young age!