A couple knits for Imogen.


Anonymous said...

~ hi Carrie,
My Quince sock yarn of finch is superb colors !
My knitting girls will be starting their socks this week.
Just loVe the photos of Immie. The nasturtium clementine vest is darling, as is the odette dress.
I have known only one other sweet girl named Imogene, difference of e with last letter. Her brother's nickname for her was Imo, so cute. She was about 7 and staying at a SouthWest ranch I worked at in the Arts & Craft Barn. Imogen's name also reminded me of a terrific children's book I wonder if you have seen ? Here's the author/illustrator link to Imogene's Antlers. Very funny & great drawings. I enjoy unique names. My son's name is Oren, it means tree, or pine tree.
What type of yarn is in the photos, from Quince ?


Shell ~

madder said...

Hi Shell! Thanks so much for the book link. I'll definitely have to buy that one for Immie!
The yarn is Lark from Quince & Co. in dogwood and frost.

Love your son's name. It's wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know: when you clip things to Polyvore, they show up in my RSS feed as new blog posts. I'm not sure if this requires a setting change on your end or my end, but since I suspected that you didn't realize, I thought I'd let you know.

madder said...

I realized that it was happening this morning...I'm not sure how to turn that off. I was tinkering around in polyvore. I won't clip to polyvore until I figure it out. Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,

I am such an admirer of Quince !
Its wonderful to see close up views of the yarn itself and with it knitted on your site. Lark is a perfect weight yarn for my Waldorf children, 1st and 2nd graders, for making a rainbow scarf.(....just not certain if we have it in our budget for all we need for 6 students. Do you know if Quince would offer a discount to a school ?)... Perhaps they could knit cowls instead of scarves ?......
R.Steiner, who founded Waldorf schools spoke of the importance of rainbow colors for children. Quite fascinating.
I like apricot & lupine & split pea together !! And especially dogwood & leek, so warmly and beautifully evoking Springtime.
Over the years, I had great fun creating or collecting pine trees for Oren. Now he has nearly 21 fabric, knitted or wooden trees. Oh, ~ maybe I could design a knitted pillow pattern of pine trees for his 21st birthday ? Another great way to use Quince yarns ! ideas, ideas,...... :)
Can't wait to see what you're knitting ! ~
Shell ~

madder said...

My daughter is in a little waldorf school right now--just 2 days a week. She loves it!
I must admit, I'm still new to Waldorf...and haven't heard of the scarf. Sounds wonderful! We don't give that many discounts at Quince because we are such a small company still. Sorry.
I love the idea of apricot, lupine, and split pea together! Lovely. So many different combo possibilities...

Oren is lucky to have so many textile/wooden-made trees. :)

I know...ideas, ideas...it's hard to keep up with all of them sometimes.


v said...

imogen is for sure a sweet little lucky girl : )

Anonymous said...

~ hi Carrie,
How neat to know you have a Waldorf connection. I was a Kindergarten Assistant for two years before becoming the Handwork teacher this year. I do miss the wee ones.
I loVed sitting with them at lunchtime in the Winter, with the glow of a beeswax candle & singing them to sleep as I cleaned up the table. Very peaceful & dreamy. When the children had free play in the room, I could sit in a rocking chair & knit. Nice. ~
The classrooms are beautiful.
So glad Immie is enjoying her Waldorf school.
Our 1st & 2nd graders are knitting Tomtens, from a pattern I designed.
I'll make one for Immie if you like. From my inspirations with Handwork this year, I am writing a book of Handwork lessons & knitting patterns.
oh, I understand about Quince not being able to give discounts. Its wonderful quality for the price.
Shell ~