Something for me in clay/chickadee.


Stripes: egret & chanterelle


Spent yesterday outside in the garden with my family. We planted veggies and cleaned up our flower beds. Picked these--possibly a weed? They are pretty, still.



For a Q photo shoot.


Deluxe fabric...linen and liberty of london.



Had fun making this doll for Immie. I made some modifications to a pattern in Wee Wonderful's book--I used linen rather than felt, altered the top of the dress to be gathered and (this isn't really a mod) I messed up the shape of her head so it's a little lop-sided. Oh well! I love how imperfect she is. Poor doll, still needs a face and some hair. Or maybe not?



I'd like to introduce, Odette, an ebook with 5 patterns: A hoodie, dress, 2 hats, and a pair of leg warmers.

They are all inspired by my Belfast Hoodie that came out last year. I've been slowly working away on this collection ever since. All projects are knit using Lark, so they are rather quick to work up.

You can buy the book on Ravelry or Madder.

Hope you enjoy them!
Have a lovely weekend,

ps: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Immie, for being such a fabulous model. Big hugs to you.



Odette, a little collection, coming soon.


Immie and I had a nice mother's day together. Her laughter and curiosity bring me such pleasure...it was a good, healing day. And my mom was with us, too, for part of the day. She's an amazing person. I'm finding strength in her strength. So thanks, mom, for being you. (aw.)

Hope all you mothers out there enjoyed the day, too.

ps...Thank you everyone for all your sweet and thoughtful comments from my last post.


I write this post with a tender, heavy heart. My dad recently passed away unexpectedly. It doesn't feel right to brush past this here without any mention, though I know it is a very personal thing to share. I just want to acknowledge his passing and say how much I love him. He is greatly, greatly missed.