Had fun making this doll for Immie. I made some modifications to a pattern in Wee Wonderful's book--I used linen rather than felt, altered the top of the dress to be gathered and (this isn't really a mod) I messed up the shape of her head so it's a little lop-sided. Oh well! I love how imperfect she is. Poor doll, still needs a face and some hair. Or maybe not?


Anonymous said...

I own this book and was just glancing through it this morning. It is so adorable. I love your doll. It just looks like the kind of toy that is passed as an heirloom. Stitching faces has always been intimidating for me. I really like the simple ones like the I Heart You doll.


madder said...

Thanks. I agree with you about the I heart you doll. That's one of my favorites from the book.