i'm a little slow to notice that my 2 knit designs from CEY's fall/winter books are on the back cover of knit 1's winter issue.
also, beginning to think of a cardigan design using Allegoro...i'm really looking forward to using this yarn again (70% organic cotton, 30% linen).


Terra in seed st looks like magic to me.


as beautiful as my backyard is under its snowy blanket, i really feel like seeing a rainbow.


just messing around - having some fun thinking about little stories. this one is obviously a black & white story...i think this ensemble needs a little b&w beret.


lots going on for work and for Madder. i can't sleep at night thinking of all that i have to do and aspire to do. i am super busy with CEY projects for the next month, but after that will be the unveiling of Madder's website! so exciting. well, happy Monday. good day to you!


wanting to knit Pam Allen's Hat and Neck Scrunchy from the Accessories book...i'm thinking black and white. i'm also thinking that i'm crazy to put anymore projects on the needles. but, this project is too tempting - i don't think i'll be able to resist.


Here a my new designs for CEY Spring/Summer - just recently released!


the swatch hanging is Waterlily (in Goldenrod), a yarn i wasn't immediately drawn to until i started swatching with it. i love it! it's funny how you can't always judge a yarn until you get it on the needles. also, i love shades of ochre.


my studio friend, mister owl.