immie baby blanket

It is nice to end these revealings with this quiet and cozy baby blanket. I knit this at the same time as the immie tee and it was great to see the same stitch pattern worked up in Opsrey, a heavier yarn. It went so fast!
The blanket is 23" x 23" and is the perfect woobie size.

Yarn: Osprey / Lupine
Pattern is available on Madder and Ravelry.

Thank you to everyone who visits this blog and thank you for all your nice comments. It is so appreciated. Happy Friday to you!



immie tee

This is the piece that started my frost flowers obsession—the Immie Tee. And you know, I still don't feel like I have gotten a great photograph of it. Who knew photographing babies in sweaters was so hard!? She's either moving, looking away from the camera, making funny faces, drooling....etc. But, gotta love her for putting up with me trying (so many times).

The Immie Tee was featured in today's e-letter for Quince & Co. My little super model.

Yarn: Tern/Buoy
Pattern is available on Madder and Quince and Ravelry.

Please excuse the excessive use of photos in this posting. I could not help myself.


imogen cowl

Good morning...ready for more frost flowers? This time, in the form of a cowl. It is kind of deluxe, kind of fancy for me, but I'm so loving this about it. There is an heirloom quality to this piece. Imogen's heirlooms.

Oh and here is a little secret about frost flowers the stitch pattern: it's not as difficult as it looks. There are 24 rows to the repeat, but they are not 24 different rows. No, no. The pattern has two 4-row repeats, so really, you just need to familiarize yourself with 8 rows. And, if you can k2tog, ssk, and yo—you can make frost flowers.

Imogen cowl is made in Tern/Oyster. Pattern is available on Madder and Ravelry.


imogen tee

I'm so happy to introduce you to Imogen. No, not my baby, my sweater.
Imogen (the person) inspires me everyday. To no end. I love her, love her, love her. To no end. And so I wanted to knit something as beautiful as she. When I saw this lovely stitch pattern, frost flowers, come to life on my needles I knew it was the one worthy of my daughter's name. (Too sappy!? I don't care one bit. It's true.)
Hope you like it. There's more frost flowers coming this week, so stay tuned.

Oh, and what a way to start a week--did you see Wool People? I happen to have a couple designs in there. Thanks, Jared, for including me! SO many wonderful projects in there. 

yarn: Tern 
color: Stonington 

Patterns are available on Madder and Quince and Ravelry!


Good Monday morning to ya.
(Just messing around with big stitches here).


Immie just wanted to pop by to say she's serious about her sheep.


Fall colors for Imogen and me.


Some really fun things are happening at Qiunce & Co., one of which is a project we'll be releasing next month. The cards on the table are images I'm trying to sort out...what goes where...that sort of thing. So many great photos! Wait, is that bragging? Really, it is just because of the smashing models, styling, and knitwear. Working on the layout is a pleasure.


Last week marked the one year anniversary of Quince's launch! Cecily's talented husband, Ethan, is keeping us all well fashioned with silk screened Q tees. Imogen loves wearing hers. Thanks E!


Fun fabric from ikea.