immie baby blanket

It is nice to end these revealings with this quiet and cozy baby blanket. I knit this at the same time as the immie tee and it was great to see the same stitch pattern worked up in Opsrey, a heavier yarn. It went so fast!
The blanket is 23" x 23" and is the perfect woobie size.

Yarn: Osprey / Lupine
Pattern is available on Madder and Ravelry.

Thank you to everyone who visits this blog and thank you for all your nice comments. It is so appreciated. Happy Friday to you!



Barb T. said...

Immie is so photogenic! Peeping out from under that gorgeous blanket!! That shot should sell tons of patterns on its own.
I so enjoy coming to your blog, Carrie.

madder said...

That top photo came about because she was quickly getting bored with being photographed, so I started playing peek-a-boo with her. She loves that game. :)

Ashley Lynn said...

oh my! this blanket is gorgeous. I will definitley be getting yarn for this with my next Quince order :)

madder said...

great! osprey is so snuggley.

Regina said...

Immie is so beautiful-and I remember that stage of trying to get a photograph. As soon as I would be in position, they wouldn't. At least she isn't putting her hand in front of her face saying no! :) That happened with some of mine, still does... Lovin' all the new designs-gorgeous.

vjf said...

Carrie, i love your patterns, that's a fact, but this collection is very special to me ! I love all 3 patterns and i'm just about to swatch for this blanket... I'm a sucker for baby blankies and yours is my absolute favorite. I'm so glad L. gets to snuggle into it when fall is upon us ☺

madder said...

thanks, ladies!
I'm so glad you're going to make one for Lune!

Sue said...

The blanket is truly beautiful! What a gorgeous color too, really makes the pattern pop.

Christelle said...

What a beautiful blanket :)
Happy week-end ;)

margaux said...

gorgeous blanket! I really love the color :-)

Connie said...

oh, oh, oh! she is so very sweet!