Immie's Christmas stocking.



Well, my devotion to garter stitch continues in my new pattern, Miriam. Strange how this cardi looks a lot like my December booties, huh? Well, I guess I inspired myself with gray, garter stitch. Heehee.

I fancy this cardi because it is easy to knit and easy to wear. And, it was knit with Kumlien's Gull—a favorite heathers shade of mine.


sew more

I made Immie this fun cat skirt for xmas. Because every girl needs a cat skirt. Right?
Fabric is from one of the cutest fabric shops ever (in Belfast, ME)



And the winner is....Anne! Please email your full name and address to: maddermade@gmail.com.

Thank you everyone! Your comments were very sweet and much appreciated.



my first giveaway

Leave a comment below to be entered in the contest to win one skein of Lark/Kumlien's Gull, four pom-poms (made just last night), and the pattern for my December Booties. I'll announce the winner on Monday!


december booties

I made these December booties as a Christmas gift for Imogen. Monday night I knit the first one and Tuesday night I knit the second. I'm sure those of you who can stay up past 9pm could knit them both in one night.

These are knit with Lark in Kumlien's Gull and the pom-poms add a little pop of color (these are created with Peacock, Leek, Carrie's Yellow and Pomegranate). Oh, and they are for babes: 12-18 months.

Can't wait to give them to her! Maybe I should give them to her as an early Christmas present?? I can't decide. But, there's still time to make these before the holiday if you need a last-minute baby gift.


Also available on Ravelry.


Pom-poms for Immie.


new tote

Check it out...I made this bag! Can you believe it? I love sewing. I love fabric. I'm feeling a little obsessed.