Mollie Makes / issue 11

Mollie Makes is one of the cutest craft magazines I've ever laid eyes on. Have you seen it? I'm super thrilled to have a design in this month's issue. Ada cowl is made with Puffin/kittywake (and happens to match well with my Ada pullover--imagine that?).

Thank you, Susan (Loop London), for getting us both in touch!


Dear yellow, gray, and white,

I love you.

Faithfully yours,


I have been wanting to see little fans (a la Camilla) for a while now. These are in tern.




Here is a version of Clemence in Lark/Delft. I'm wearing it right now and loving the squishy fabric and the color.

(I'd like to add a THANK YOU to Mandy for not only being a wonderful person, but also a stunning model. Muchas gracias, chica.)


Happy Friday! I'm going to be photographing the rest of Cecily's book tomorrow and then laying low (perhaps baking?!) with Immie on Sunday. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



I almost forgot about Ada! I photographed this sweater a while back on Chloe before she left town. It was a chilly 15ยบ that November morning, but it is certainly hard to tell...the sun looks so warm on Chloe's face.

But, actually, I haven't forgotten about Ada because I wear her almost daily. Ada was inspired by Andrea Zittel’s panel project Formerly known as Smockshop, which is a line of products by various artists that have a common principle—the rectangle. Though Ada is not a true rectangle since it is worked in the round to the underarm, it does embody a boxy, relaxed style that is simple to knit (double seed stitch) and easy to wear.

I'd like to give my studio mate, Karen Gelardi, credit for introducing me to Andrea Zittel's projects. She is one of the artists to contribute to both Smockshop and Formerly known as Smockshop.

Ravelry link here.



beautiful whimsy

These are some outtakes from Scarves etc....the shawl is Kat Coyle's design. I love her sensibility—the lace is both alluring to wear and knit. And, those bobbley-bits from the picot edging make me smile.


little cuffs

These are 2 new designs--both for Immie. I'm hoping to release the top one some time this month. The bottom one is a part of a little collection that I'm hoping to release in March. I'm so excited to have some new little things for the babe!
left: chickadee/clay
right: chickadee/petal



color palette: kittywake heathers, pomegranate, clay, and carrie's yellow


I like to doodle.



Karen's side of our studio is very inspiring. I love sharing this space with her. Sometime, I'd love to take pictures of her work and share them here, if she'll let me...