little cuffs

These are 2 new designs--both for Immie. I'm hoping to release the top one some time this month. The bottom one is a part of a little collection that I'm hoping to release in March. I'm so excited to have some new little things for the babe!
left: chickadee/clay
right: chickadee/petal


Emilie said...

can't wait to see more...!
i like the white/ beige one very much

Caitlin said...

oh, immie is such a lucky girl! looks great!
p.s. i did a little feature on my blog about you as part of a series http://thepheasantandi.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/gratitude-day-four.html :)

vanessa said...

lovely details! I am a huge fan of the 'clay' colorway. Just knit a cowl (Melissa's 'Avery') with it. I am not much of a pink person, but I want to wear it everyday!

madder said...

Sweet post, C! You're too nice to me. :)

Yeah, I'm a little obsessed with Clay right now.

Regina said...

They look adorable - I bet Immie looks super cute in them!!

margaux said...

yay!! those look familiar ;-) can't wait to see them photographed!