What a gorgeous morning we had here. 70 degrees with a soft breeze. It's not often that I get to enjoy a quiet morning by the ocean on my own. I feel a little guilty--but I was working (photographing something for a side project).


high five

A quick snap here of Immie wearing her new mittens--she actually didn't want to take them off. She was having too much fun high fivin' her dad, her mama, her grammy...and if only the cats would have cooperated...


Family Mittens

I am very pleased to present Family Mittens, a pattern recently published in Taproot Magazine's third issue, Retreat. The pattern has six different sizes to include the whole family. I used Puffin, Osprey, Lark, and Chickadee: chunky and quick for Men (Puffin), soft in Aran for the Ladies and Older Child (Osprey), lofty worsted for the Young Child and Toddler (Lark), and gentle-to-the-touch sport weight for the babes (Chickadee). Something for everyone--and you get to sample 4 Quince & Co. yarns if you make them all!

I'd like to thank the wonderful Fettig family for modeling the mittens on the hottest, most muggy day of the summer. It was the least kindest conditions you could ask for, especially considering this was shot for a Fall issue. As if the heat and humidity weren't enough, it was just about to begin raining and the darling little babe, Mabel, was getting hungry and the active toddler boy, Jonah, was getting more active by the minute. We had about 8 minutes in their backyard. But, it was fun and turned out fine! So, thank you Abe, Hannah, Jonah, and Mabel.



cooperation in clementine

I thought these photos were so funny--and so TRUE. The reality is, I take about 300 photos of Immie to get about 3 or 4 that: a) Show the garment, b) Are in focus, and c) Are flattering of Imogen. It's great that she doesn't seem to mind being behind the camera. Though, sometimes I think she does this cheeky stuff just to get my goat. So sassy already and she's not even 2!


twist collective

I just finished a two day shoot with Twist for the Winter issue. (The above photo was taken at the tail end.) It's always so bizarre photographing something wintery in the summer and vice versa. But, we started early and were lucky enough to have some foggy mornings and partly cloudy days. Nice light always helps.

 I thought I'd share a few photos from the Fall issue I photographed back in June. The two lovely models are Sophie (Mary Jane's daughter, holding the seaweed below) and Mandy.



Meet Clementine, a collection of little knits which include a hoodie, a vest, and a toddler shrug. As you can see they all are adorned with Feather and Fan, a pretty and simple-to-knit lace pattern that is so appealing, I had to use it in all 3 designs. I just couldn't help myself.

The Clementine hoodie comes in 2 different lengths--a long, a-lined version and a shorter, straight-shaped version. Both are knitted in Lark (long shown in Apricot, short shown in Egret). Both the vest and the shrug are made in soft-to-the-touch-Chickadee (vest shown in Nasturtium, shrug shown in Petal).

The photos in the e-book were taken in Seattle back in June, so I thought it'd be fun for Immie to model these pieces last weekend (see below), since we were hanging around our yard anyway. Though she has grown a bit since then, one thing hasn't changed--she's still on the move. I can't get that girl to stand still unless she's eating blackberries or picking dandelions or picking mint or...you get the idea. But, I love her energy. She keeps me going. (Sorry to bombard you with so many photos. I know I've said that before--it's just so hard to edit my little, imp Imogen.)

 Both the e-book and the individual patterns are available on Madder and Ravelry.



Alas, a much belated post about Landing, Cecily Glowik MacDonald's recent independently released book. Beautifully printed and designed, the pages of Landing are filled with 8 sweaters and 3 accessory patterns. A staple book in my opinion. I love Cecily's designs--so simple, yet interesting.

 I thought I'd post a few previously unseen photos for fun. (Oh yeah, by the way, I took the photos for the book!)



This thistle is growing next to the steps of our house. Every time Immie and I walk past it together she points to the pointy stems and leaves. I say "prickly." She replies, "ya." Why does this make me smile so? 


sneak peek

 I'm working away on a new little babe collection, Clementine. Proofing patterns...finalizing layouts...having fun looking at all my photos (taken on a trip earlier this summer to Seattle).



Immie and I picked some blueberries and blackberries from our yard. I made some delicious muffins with them. So good.


ione beret

I have a new beret pattern via Quince. Ione is nice and easy to make--stockinette stitch rounds hug a single round of elongated stitches. Fun stuff!

yarn: chickadee
color: winesap


imogen wool

When I was designing Imogen Tee, I couldn't decide on the sleeves. It drove me crazy for a little while before settling on the short tee-sleeves. Though I love my tee, I couldn't help but wonder what this sweater would be like with longer sleeves.

And so I present you with Imogen Wool. This version is worked in Finch (100% wool vs. the wool/silk blend of Tern). I think the stitch definition is gorgeous in Finch. I'm looking forward to some cooler temps so I can begin wearing mine.

The pattern is slightly different from the Tee--adding the sleeves changed the upper arm measurements and hence the yoke numbers are different (in case you are wondering). Enjoy!

Find the pattern on Ravelry or Madder.

ps: I'm offering an introductory price of $4 for the rest of the month of August.