I just received my copies today!! I'm really pleased with the way the Accessories Book turned out. call CEY to get your very own copy! six fun projects...hope I can find time to make pam's brioche hat/neck schrunchy and cecily's lace cowl.


working with leaves and Princess


Handsome Husband! my toddie was this this week's CEY model for the weekly web letter.


Terra: Fibre Company
this is a yarn i fondly remember carding when the company was a mini-mill operating on the lower edge of Munjoy Hill. it is the first yarn i'll be making projects with for Madder Magazine: issue one.
due out: summer 09.
i have BIG ambitions for this year.
i hope i can accomplish at least half of them :)


yesterday: green curry (extra spicy), foyle's war, knitting...not a bad way to spend a wintry saturday. today: the snow is falling...makes me want to go sledding!


These are photos from the special project I've been working on. I was the photographer, graphic designer and also contributed 2 patterns (the legwarmers and headwarmer). It was a lot of work - but so much fun! Other patterns are by Pam Allen and Cecily Glowik MacDonald.


trying to stay warm...


worked on a cardigan design yesterday...cleaned the studio...enjoyed a couple episodes of law & order (criminal intent)...simple stuff, just what i needed.
i'm looking forward to showing off some photos this week from a special Accessories book project I've been working on for CEY. It should be available by the end of the month. very exciting!


Thanks, Mabel. My kitten and I share a passion for yarn - yet we seem to have conflicting views of what to do with it!


yes, it is bloody cold here in maine. so cold that i just want to wrap myself in knitwear as if i was in a cocoon. So....why not?
Knit 1 of Project Cocoon: Aspen Cowl