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Immie is the supermodel for today's Q e-letter (have you signed up yet???). The Camilla Babe pattern is old news to those of you who have been reading SD for a while. But, the pattern is now newly available on the Quince & Co. site.


Wow. She's not even 3 months and she can already hold a knitting needle. So smart!


Trying to figure out how to knit and cook/bake and make the house look neat and visit with friends/family and (AND) spend hours staring at my daughter's cuteness...all in a weekend's time. I'm not ready to give up the fantasy that I can do it all. Yet.


oh la la. road to china. super deluxe in sapphire.


These beautiful bonnets are gifts from my knitter friends Cecily & Melissa. Cecily knit the top bonnet from Tern. And Melissa made the bottom one from Canopy. Immie is one lucky little girl.


tinkering with tern.


Amongst all this baby love I am thinking about Japan. Overwhelmed with thinking about Japan, really, and what they must be going through right now. Right now. And, remembering just a few years back, my amazing trip to Kyoto this very same time of year. What a magical place it is. My heart sends its Love to you Japan.


upon request...

eyes open. dimple and all.


Camilla babe fits her perfectly!


babe patterns

Annabel Babe and Leila Babe are done!
Imogen has been very cooperative this weekend and let me get a fair amount of work done. (thank you, darling). So, I am happy to introduce these 2 new patterns. The wee one will have to grow into the cap a bit, but I figure it is better to have the knits on the big side for a longer lasting fit. Hopefully, they'll both fit her through this winter, though she's really growing fast. I can hardly believe it.
Annabel Babe is worked from the top down all in one piece. Most of the photos only show the garment with three buttons, however I did end up sewing all six on as you can see from the last image. It is a simple knit (all-over garter stitch with no seams) and made with the softest wool yarn (chickadee). Plus, it is easy to get on and off a baby. I think this could be unisex with the right color and button choice.
Leila Babe has been on my mind for a long time now. The vine stitch works up beautifully in Tern (wool/silk) and I am so in love with that gray!! Some may not think it is an obvious choice for a baby, but it looks so dreamy with Immie's skin. And, it matches the buttons of Annabel perfectly.

ps: sorry for posting so many photos--it was a hard edit!



I went to a fun location today for a photo shoot with Cecily. It made me realize how ready I am to be thinking of plants and gardens and green!


Last weekend I knit a garter stitch rib swatch for a new design. I see a friend of mine had a similar idea! Maybe it is something in the Portland water?