The first draft of swatch diaries {volume 2} arrived yesterday from the printers. Some revisions are needed, but it's close to being complete...


isn't this photo beautiful?
the colors remind me of my skirt and sweater from the last post.


cowl pullover

I have been working on a Kashihara Cowl with sleeves to go with this skirt. I bought it on our honeymoon in Sweden at this great shop Noa Noa. Well, I was hoping to have it done for Valentine's Day and got so close. Just the cowl is left to knit. Oh well! We didn't go out anyway—stayed in and ate homemade mac and cheese (yum).



The prints are done! Working in a make-shift darkroom is fine, though not always effective in the time department. But, I'm feeling good. The swatches are mostly done. I'm tinkering with some other swatch ideas before I move on to the layout. This volume will definitely have a whole different personality from the first. I'm tingling with excitement.


in response...

...to the video in yesterday's post. a quick swatch of lace.



for the last couple weeks i have been completely obsessed with this vanessabruno video.
very beautiful, very inspiring.
images via M.



bunny needed some grooming and attention. he's so fluffy right now it's crazy. can't wait until i can spin well enough to work with his wool!



how does this happen so fast?