knitting with Hannah today...Yeah for visitors!


inspiration board...


i took a trip down to the CEY headquarters for work. it's always nice to see those faces after so much electronic correspondence.
i've been swatching with Fresco a lot lately for a hat design that will be in the web letter next month. i ended up with something that looks nothing like this swatch, but that is why swatching is so brilliant! those first moments of seeing your sketches and ideas translated into the actual fabric are so exciting. sometimes it works and sometimes...well...it takes a bit longer. can't wait to show you the hat.


some days i completely lack inspiration...so i dive into the archive and look at photos. always, i get a jolt of energy when i see beautiful plants and flowers. this morning, i needed just this sort of exercise. if anyone out there is reading this tiny, little blog...i thought i'd share these with you, in case you're needing it too.


so many photographs still to edit from my trip. thought i'd share a few from Oslo...including the nice little bed & breakfast we stayed at the first few nights. so sweet. i love vacation.


starting a new project for Madder out of Manos del Uruguay (i'm a big fan). actually, mama bear is helping me knit this puppy. this way i'll be able to get patterns completed a lot faster! anyway...it's going to be a smock dress. i'm really looking forward to wearing this one.