Here are some goodies I am hoping to photograph on Immie this weekend.

yarn: lark
colors: twig, lichen, clay, pomegranate, and leek


hat crazy

Here's another one (on loan) from Hannah. This pattern is called the Day Beret which is featured in Knitbot Essentials (both child and adult versions). The hat is knit using the yummy yarn, Acadia. I love these two colors together!

yarn: the fibre co. / acadia
color: looks like blue heron (?)

yarn: quince & co. / chickadee
color: clay


on my desk

Tape from Japan.



Here is another wonderful gift we received from my friend Anna (original owner of Knit Wit yarn shop). Spring in Maine requires wool.



It's a sleepy, rainy morning here in Portland. I was just looking through some photos and, though I don't want to bombard you with images of my daughter, I can't help but share these. Maybe it is because after a long winter, I'm excited to be outdoors with Immie again.

These are from Friday evening. She wanted to bring her ukelele outside to rock out for a bit. Then, she seemed to find it enjoyable to collect petals (from the ground and the tree). Looking very serious....


sibella babe

I am very happy to release the Sibella Babe pattern today!

Sibella babe is an easy, bottom-up pullover worked in Quince & Company's soft chickadee yarn. Immie is wearing the 18 month size (she is 15 months old), and as you can see, there's still room to grow. Just the way I like my hand-knits for babes to be.

Imogen and I went to the Audubon Society to take these pictures. She had so much fun running around—it made my job of trying to get a good shot very difficult. Tricky, tricky indeed.

Sibella babe pattern is available on Madder and Ravelry.

Hope you all have a marvelous weekend,
Here is my favorite shot from that day. Immie zonked out from all her fun.



The sibella babe pattern is almost ready—I'm just having a good friend (thanks C!) look it over. Never hurts to be thorough.


coming soon....

sibella babe (chickadee/clay).



I am happy to introduce Sibella, at long last! I took these photographs last October and have been waiting in the Q que to release her.

The stitch pattern is derived from Frost Flowers, the stitch pattern that adorns the Imogen/Immie series. The pullover is worked from the bottom up in one piece. The shaping in the yoke is easy—all done in between the lacey tiers.

Pattern is available on Madder, Quince, and Ravelry.

Thank you to knitter/designer Margaux, for the beautiful work on this sample!


Forgot to mention: yarn is chickadee, color is kittywake heathers

OH, and you get the Quince e-letter, right? Well, thought I'd share some of these e-letter mock-ups:


nice hat

Mary Jane Mucklestone made this adorable hat for Immie (with chickadee yarn). Thank you Mary Jane--she has gotten a lot of wear out of that cap!

Imogen is getting much harder to photograph...that girl sure can move...


Knitbot Essentials

We are excited at Quince & Co. to announce the arrival of our first print book! Knitbot Essentials is a joint effort--Hannah Fettig's fabulous designs shown in Q's lovely yarns.

The photo shoot for this book was back in January—the 12th to be exact. It was the darkest day of the winter. I do not exaggerate. But, alas, we could not reschedule due to the fact that our adorable model, Abigail, was already on the plane that morning flying up to Portland. Arg. Blarg. Ack.
And to make matters more difficult, our location was not heated. Yeah, so it was snowing, blizzard style, and we were all chilled to the bone at the Black Point Inn (really would be fun to stay there in the summer! when they are open). So...it was a rough day. OH, and it was Imogen's first birthday to boot. I'm not usually one for complaining, but this day goes down in my book as being pretty tough.

But, on the bright side, the photos came out really nice (am I allowed to say that?). The styling came together. The location, albeit cold, was really sweet. And the crew (Cecily, Hannah, and Pam) worked hard to make it all happen. I'm so proud of this book! And, the graphics too..it was really rewarding to be able to design the pages of the book. A real pleasure. Hope y'all like it.

Below are some blizzard shots from the photo shoot:


in the works...

I know you can not tell by this blog that I have been busy working on new stuff--but I have! Right now I have a few patterns with my wonderful tech editor. Once those are done, I can get the garments back and schedule a couple photo shoots (hope a certain little girl hasn't become camera shy).
Above is a little peach linen skirt that Immie will wear in one of the collections. I'm really excited to see her in some new knitwear!