Knitbot Essentials

We are excited at Quince & Co. to announce the arrival of our first print book! Knitbot Essentials is a joint effort--Hannah Fettig's fabulous designs shown in Q's lovely yarns.

The photo shoot for this book was back in January—the 12th to be exact. It was the darkest day of the winter. I do not exaggerate. But, alas, we could not reschedule due to the fact that our adorable model, Abigail, was already on the plane that morning flying up to Portland. Arg. Blarg. Ack.
And to make matters more difficult, our location was not heated. Yeah, so it was snowing, blizzard style, and we were all chilled to the bone at the Black Point Inn (really would be fun to stay there in the summer! when they are open). So...it was a rough day. OH, and it was Imogen's first birthday to boot. I'm not usually one for complaining, but this day goes down in my book as being pretty tough.

But, on the bright side, the photos came out really nice (am I allowed to say that?). The styling came together. The location, albeit cold, was really sweet. And the crew (Cecily, Hannah, and Pam) worked hard to make it all happen. I'm so proud of this book! And, the graphics too..it was really rewarding to be able to design the pages of the book. A real pleasure. Hope y'all like it.

Below are some blizzard shots from the photo shoot:


Gudrun Johnston said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

vanessa said...

beautiful!! i am so happy to see this published as a REAL book (as well as a e book) -- makes it feel like a real treasure. I hope that you and Quince decide to publish more physical pattern books in the future. would be a treat to add to my collection.

nicole said...

One would never know from the photos that they were taken on a cold, bleak day. They are absolutely gorgeous! I am so impressed by this gorgeous collection.

madder said...

thanks, ladies!

And Nicole, what beautiful knitting you did on the Breezy Cardigan. Lovely work!

Anonymous said...

wow, I love the cover with the drawn birds, and the cozy atmosphere !

madder said...