cross stitch

My new stitch obsession.


Vintage wood buttons.


She loved it!


a ski hat

For Imogen. That's right. A ski hat. My husband loves to ski and he wants to take Immie for her first lesson on Christmas Eve. Eeek! Mama will be watching from the lodge.



Have you seen the latest Wool People? My contribution is Benedetta, a top-down cardigan in garter stitch with a touch of lacey goodness. I think the cuffs are my favorite part of this design--the lace scallops so prettily around the front of the wrist.

I'd really like to knit this hat from the collection...

Photos by Jared Flood.



What to make with yarn scraps? I have an idea...something for Immie for Christmas.


odette hoodie

For a friend's baby-to-be.
Found those cute wood buttons with etched sheep at Z.


knit with me

Here are some images from the Knit with Me shoot. You've seen the book by now, right?


Thinking about the community of Newtown, CT this morning and wishing them strength and peace.


staying cozy

The yarn and basket are my big purchases from Rhinebeck. I haven't decided what to make with this yarn--a sweater for myself, perhaps? We'll see...

Warm wishes for the weekend,


braided rug demo

My dear friend Karen came over for a visit last weekend. She gave me (and Immie) a lesson on making Swedish braided rugs. It's addictive once you get going! Immie really loved touching and stepping on Karen's rug. So, I'm making Immie her very own. Once I'm further along, I'll share it with you.


12 for 20.12

 A few months ago, it dawned on me that there will be the date 12-12-12 this year. I'm not sure why I thought that would be a fun time to offer a special sale, but that's exactly what I have done. I have compiled 12 Madder patterns into one pdf for the special price of $20.12! 

This grouping includes 2 new patterns, currently unavailable individually--Camilla Blanket (fresh off the needles yesterday!) and Sibella Scarf. The other patterns are my old friends: Camilla, Camilla Babe, Camilla Kid, Sibella, Sibella Babe, Imogen Wool, Imogen Tee, Imogen Cowl, Immie Tee, and Immie Blanket.

Hope you enjoy this little treat. The offer ends 12-12-12 at 12:00 noon (est).


 A butterfly in my hair is hosting Advent Calendar giveaways.  Check it out!
 (Thank you, V, for including me!)


On my studio table...



Here are some shots from the Mabel's Closet photo shoot. I really love the top picture--so serious! She's a cutie pie, that Mabel.

 It was really fun to see this project come to life. Hannah's a very talented lady, that's for sure.


family mittens pattern

My Family Mitten pattern is now available through Ravelry and Madder.

 I'd like to say a Big Thank You to Taproot for including my designs on the pages of their magazine!