i received a skein of soft chunky (twinkle) yarn for my Bea hat and a skein of alpaca sox (for no particular reason except i enjoy the color) from the mill store at CEY. i love yarn, i love collecting yarn and projects, and collecting ideas for projects to make with yarn...
i think it keeps me out of trouble.


i love this blanket (and the kitten isn't have bad either). i bought it at the goodwill for $2.99. as the saying goes - one person's trash is another person's treasure.


daffodils and buttons make happy thoughts.


swatching with lite lopi for a special project.


Alewives: the cutest fabric store in maine. my friend jessica is lucky to work there...so many great fabrics and books. she helped convince me (didn't take much coaxing, let me tell you) to buy some fabric squares. i'm going to make napkins! a great beginner project...and that's what i need. i should take a picture of the fabric to show you.

also, tried connie and kat's suggested method of tying knots to record the needle size. this will be useful when making non-stockinette patterns - or if i forget to make those eyelets. i hope this to be the beginning of fulfilling my new aspiration which is to be more organized. i'd love to make a binder of my knit designs that has the pattern, the swatch, charts...everything. it doesn't seem like an outlandish desire, but sometimes it's hard to take the extra time to do this sort of thing. but i think it's time to start...


here, have some color to start your week off right. tulips and callas are so pretty.

support a great cause and knit a lovely hat at the same time.


i love working with pam. she (obviously) knows so much about designing knitwear, techniques...etc...so i'm always learning. sometimes it's something major in regards to shaping or construction, but sometimes it is just a wee little tip like the one above. make eyelets in your swatch to indicate what size needle you used...5 eyelets = US size 5 needle. maybe everyone does this? i don't know. but, i can never remember what size i used when i look at old swatches, so for me, it is just another reason i believe she is a genius!


i have been looking around for blue & white inspiration...


miles has been very good about sticking by me these last few weeks. here he is in the studio and it may look like he is in mid-motion but, no. he is snoozing.


i found this nightie in the back of my studio closet and it felt like seeing an old friend again. i threw it on the mannequin and took notes on what changes i'd make next time. i have to say, though, i'm still quite proud of this design...especially considering i was working out some of the final details of the pattern into the wee hours (3am i do recall) of the night (before the photo shoot!). eek.
there's a Manos skirt on my lady here, too, that i'm finishing up. if all goes as planned you'll be seeing it later this year in Madder Magazine?? -could it be that i'm still trying to keep that dream alive? i dare to dream.
so a little update: website - really is almost done.
swatch diaries: volume one - also, really is almost done.
collection one - in the works
madder magazine - still in dream stage
i don't know who i think i am - a person with free time?! but, i can't seem to let any of these ideas go...so...onward i go...


saturday was the Show Your Wears fashion show...it was really fun and i was glad to be involved as the stylist. it's always a good time "playing dress-up" but, a little hectic as backstage experiences often are. my favorite part, though, is meeting some of portland's textile people and seeing their cool creations.


happy weekend everyone...


swatching for Madder's navy & white collection should begin this weekend. though, i'm helping out with styling our local fashion show. should be fun!




after spending the entire day in bed yesterday, i'm back down in the studio this morning working on finishing up some projects. little by little.


i can't seem to get myself to work in the studio yet. the last few weeks before the photo shoot i was frantically hustling to get everything done. mabel kept me company the whole time...she would sleep on the chair next to me, and look out the window, wander up onto my desk, then my shoulders. she could comfortably lounge there for long periods of time, purring constantly. she watched me tear the place a part in a panic and last Sunday she watched me calmly put it all back together again. she was always there, my girl.
so, i'm working up at the house, which obviously isn't much different...but i'm writing patterns and trying to carry on...