i found this nightie in the back of my studio closet and it felt like seeing an old friend again. i threw it on the mannequin and took notes on what changes i'd make next time. i have to say, though, i'm still quite proud of this design...especially considering i was working out some of the final details of the pattern into the wee hours (3am i do recall) of the night (before the photo shoot!). eek.
there's a Manos skirt on my lady here, too, that i'm finishing up. if all goes as planned you'll be seeing it later this year in Madder Magazine?? -could it be that i'm still trying to keep that dream alive? i dare to dream.
so a little update: website - really is almost done.
swatch diaries: volume one - also, really is almost done.
collection one - in the works
madder magazine - still in dream stage
i don't know who i think i am - a person with free time?! but, i can't seem to let any of these ideas go...so...onward i go...


Connie said...

Oooh, is that the nightie from a past issue of IK?. Pretty! Maybe I read your post too fast and you mentioned where the design was from... And the night before the photo shoot! Eeekk! You live dangerously ;)

fort nest said...

yes, it was a staff project a few years back in IK. I know...it was nuts - even for me! :)
Call time for the shoot was around 6am...so, needless to say, it was a rough day.