Alewives: the cutest fabric store in maine. my friend jessica is lucky to work there...so many great fabrics and books. she helped convince me (didn't take much coaxing, let me tell you) to buy some fabric squares. i'm going to make napkins! a great beginner project...and that's what i need. i should take a picture of the fabric to show you.

also, tried connie and kat's suggested method of tying knots to record the needle size. this will be useful when making non-stockinette patterns - or if i forget to make those eyelets. i hope this to be the beginning of fulfilling my new aspiration which is to be more organized. i'd love to make a binder of my knit designs that has the pattern, the swatch, charts...everything. it doesn't seem like an outlandish desire, but sometimes it's hard to take the extra time to do this sort of thing. but i think it's time to start...

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