ada cowl

Ada cowl is a pattern I made for Mollie Makes Magazine, Issue 11, and I'm now able to offer it on my site. Perfect timing as winter sets in! I decided to experiment and add one skein of knitting to the cowl, as you can see at the top. I didn't have an extra skein of the same yarn, so I opted for a completely new color. Why not? Bird's egg and Kittywake look so pretty together.

Ada is all about texture. Big, beautiful, chunky texture. And warmth.
Knit with Puffin by Quince & Co.

Pattern is $4.00 and available on Madder and Ravelry.


ps: These 2 shoots are almost exactly a year apart! Chloe is rocking her new hair cut in the top photos. Love it.


ECarey said...

She is such an incredible model. She cut her hair?! omg! Lovely pattern.

nancy said...

Beautiful model and lovely pattern. On my to-get list. Knitting up Mae right now.

madder said...

Thanks ladies!

Chloe is a wonderful person and model--a very sweet soul.

Anonymous said...

I love the two-tone.