the wool i've been waiting for! i have been eager to play with Véronik Avery's new yarn, Nordique, and to see the premier issue of St. Denis. there is lots to love! i want to knit an Edge of Love inspired sweater—this yarn would be perfect for that. i'm also admiring the designs in the magazine. hmmm....what to knit....?


Connie said...

I love MJ's Soul Cardigan. I've been dreaming about it (is that a bit sick? ;) ). Unfortunately, I'm a total klutz when it comes to fair isle knitting and I've never steeked before! Do you have a design in this premiere issue?

fort nest said...

i know—i really like that cardigan, too. you can steek! though, it is a little scary sewing up your carefully knit stitches. i don't have any designs in there but pam does!