Here's a shot of my mitts in (possibly my favorite Q yarn?) Chickadee.

Pam and I are working hard on getting the patterns proofed. We're calling and emailing each other a hundred times a day so the instructions are consistent and clear. Once this is done, the website info will all be in the hands of our programmers. Thank goodness. It won't be long!

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One jar of quince jelly (yum)


Laura Michelle said...

Exciting! Cute mitts - I'm looking forward to seeing the collection!

Jen said...

I am getting "Page not found" when I try to sign up for your newsletter : (

Connie said...

Yay Carrie and Pam! Quince is going to be great knowing it's helmed by two such talented designers :) Best of luck with the launch. I'll be waiting breathlessly for it! Love, Connie.

fort nest said...

oops---sorry about that. i just fixed the link. it's www.quinceandco.com.


fort nest said...

Thanks Connie!

melissa said...

cannot wait. cannot wait!

meggos purls said...

Oh! I have been sniffing around for Chickadee since returning from TNNA. I can't wait to see the site and the patterns! It looks so delightful and intriguing with all these fabulous designers. I spoke to Ysolda at TNNA and told me she wants to see someone make her Chickadee pattern from this yarn. I am hoping to get my hands on it for that purpose and to see if we can carry it at the shop. Breathlessly waiting.,,,Meg

fort nest said...

Fun! Ysolda has a chickadee pattern? Chickadee yarn and Chickadee pattern must meet!

kat coyle said...

yum, it all looks yummy