actually, the last post was more like a hint than a sneak peak of my new design, the Autumn Pullover, from today's web-letter by CEY.
so, this sweater possesses two of my favorite things: the soft halo from the angora (maybe i'm partial because of my funny bunny Allen) and the it's-so-simple-it's-brilliant Seed stitch. i'm excited to sport it this Fall.
oh, i must put a shout out there to my friend, Betsy, who did a lovely modeling job. she was game to have an early call time for this little shoot. we headed over to the wharf area in Portland's Old Port. great spot—especially with the warm morning light.


knitlit kate said...

i love this design. very cute paired with checked shirt, cords and docksiders.

fort nest said...

thanks! yeah, we were going for a vintage-nautical look. :)

kat coyle said...

cozy. and so wearable. great color too.