Is it Fall yet?

 I do love summer and all it brings—fresh veggies, blossoming flowers, bees, dragonflies, long days, beach days, camp days....but the humidity we've been getting here has been a real drag. Think this morning we're finally free of it. Feels so good! I can actually look at these photos of my soft, wooly cowl—a lottie cowl in Osprey.


Nancy said...

Beautiful cowl Carrie.

I feel you on the humidity. It has made my favorite season a bit uncomfortable I must say. But my tomatoes are loving it!

madder said...

thanks, nancy!
yes, the plants aren't complaining. and nothing better than a fresh ripe tomato. :)

Scout and Rice said...

I have been itching to make the Lottie cowl but I keep getting distrated by little sweaters. :)

I'm ready for Fall too! I live in Seattle, which means about two week's worth of real summer sunshine, and that's enough for me.

madder said...


Little sweaters are distracting!