Shipyard mitten pattern is now in the madder shop!

Mittens were knitted in Quince & Co. Owl / Elf—isn't that alpaca halo pretty? 

Ooh, it was a bitterly cold day when I photographed these mittens! The model (Dana) and I rushed outside to take these quick shots. Unfortunately, myfrozen  brain forgot to photograph the mittens un-bunched, to show their length and fitted shape.

I kept meaning to photograph them again, as still lives, but continued to put that off while continuing to wear them. A big no-no. I soiled them with soot while making a fire in my barn-studio. So now these light gray mitts are speckled with spots of black. Guess I'll just have to knit a pair in a dark shade—perhaps Huckleberry? Barred?

Here's a shot below where you can kind of see the soot on the ribbing of the palm. Boo. They are still warm, though!!

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Lori ann said...

LOVE owl, it looks so soft and pretty, and i love that these lovely gloves have already given comfort and been so useful (i even think the soot looks good).

and i LOVE that you have a fire in your studio. so cozy!