Made this the other night at A Gathering of Stitches. Loving the class, the teacher, Eliza, and my class mates. Turns out Eliza and I went to Parsons at the same time—we even lived in the same dorm, the same year. Such a small world.

And, hey, if you're in Maine, check out the deal Gathering of Stitches is offering: 
"From now until the end of October, register for a workshop at full price and your friend (!) gets half off!
Pick the right friend and they'll share that discount with you...."


britt schmiesing said...

i wish that i lived in maine. or anywhere close to crafty gatherings. love the little print by the way.

Nancy said...

Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon seem to be the creative hubs of the US. So much gathering that happens!

Beautiful stitches of a different kind. You seem to be expanding on your creative skills and outlets :-)

Hope this year has brought healing to you. I lost both my mom and dad in early adulthood, and I still miss them...every day.

madder said...

thanks, britt. maine is full of crafty goodness, a fun place to be, for sure.

oh, nancy....i'm sorry. i suppose there is an emptiness that never quite goes away when you lose a parent.
but, creative endeavors, at least i find (and i know my dad would agree!), are very healing.

Beatrice said...

Such a sweet print! I've been eying those silkscreen classes too! (And getting ready to teach a class there myself!)

madder said...

That's exciting! Maybe I'll run into you there someday.
What will you teach?

Lori ann said...

you are so incredibly creative. your print (it's a print?) looks like ginkgo leaves, so pretty.

how I love small world experiences!

madder said...

oooh, thank you, lori. it's a print on linen. love printing on linen!