pictures again, mama?

Here's Immie after I asked her if I could photograph her: Bored...so she found some leaves, started dancing....back to serious. That all took place in under a minute, I'd say. Then she was off, no more pictures for mama.

She's wearing the Ice Cream Dress blouse that I made for her a few weeks ago. It's funny, I was so excited to have a day in my studio just for sewing, but I found I was very tense making this top. Every little detail that wasn't perfect bugged me. But I've learned that it is just like knitting—when you take a step back, it's not so bad. I need to give myself some slack and enjoy the process, and not get so hung up on trying to sew perfectly. Otherwise, I'll never get back on my machine again!


barb :0) said...

Oh my goodness .... the first 3 photos are Priceless !!!! I Love them !!!!!
She is Such a doll :0)
The shirt looks darling !!!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh, that is so true!

Nancy said...

Way cute! That's why I don't sew. I am a perfectionist and if I can't keep the line perfectly straight, I feel like it's "less than", and I don't want to wear it :-)

Btw, I am knitting up your Miriam cardi. Hoping for a successful outcome. It's beautiful to knit especially with chickadee yarn. Your designs are simple elegance.

Scout and Rice said...

What a sweetiepie! She is gorgeous. :) The top looks great too.

madder said...

thank you! :)